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Envios IP66


Envios IP66 is a resistant, versatile and highperformance exterior projector with IP66 protection rating. Designed in collaboration with LAPD Consultants, Envios IP66 is a range of luminaires which perfectly satisfy the complex functional requirements of outdoors installations, including fixed and adjustable surface mounting units and a range of accessories to expand its applications: cable, pole, wall, branch, column and spike mounting.

Features and Benefits

  • Output up to 5970 lm
  • Protection rating IP66
  • Extra-light tempered glass, resistant to thermal and mechanical shocks
  • Silicon rubber cable gland for cascaded electrical connection
  • Adjustable bracket with graduated goniometer for precise projector orientation
  • Can be fitted with no-glare grille, 45° visor
  • LED color temperature: 3000K, 3500K, 4000K
  • Controls: Phase-cut, 0-10V
  • Accessories for suspended mounting on cable and chains, poles, wall mounting with fixed and adjustable brackets, on branches and columns or in the ground with spikes or boards.
Multiple dimensional versions
Adjustable optic
Multiple beam angle options
Multiple wattage options
High CRI
Multiple lumen packages
Suitable for Wet Locations
850 degree glow wire test
Energy saving
Recyclable material
Photobiological risk 0
5 years warranty
White Gloss
Metalized Gray