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Yori Family

Minimalism and rigour in the service of functionality, Yori is a high performance luminaire with a compact footprint. Two simple bodies combined by a simple joint allow the optical section to be adjusted. Yori is designed for the most innovative LED and metal halide lamps, and is configured for mounting on tracks, inside channels, recessed, onto surfaces and inside grooves in ceilings, thanks to the new version with telescopic boom. Its versatility and elegant design make Yori the ideal solution for accent lighting in business, residential and exhibition spaces. 


  1. Die-cast aluminum, with wide range of finishes
  2. Interchangeable optical system (IOS). With Precision and Performance optics
  3. Built-in antiglare shield, and retracted optics for superior visual comfort


Primark’s Flagship Madrid Store

Our luminaires have been installed throughout Madrid’s new Primark flagship store, which has been exclusively designed by Da...

Primark’s Flagship Madrid Store


  1. Recessed (Yori Recessed Round, Square, and Yori Semi-recessed)
  2. Track (Yori Evo Box, Yori Slot, and Yori Zoon+Light Shaper)
  3. Modular (Yori Channel, Yori Arm and Yori Edge)


Yori has been designed for installation on tracks, mounting rails and ceilings (semi-recessed, surface-mounted and housing with pull-out optical head). The Yori system is perfect for display windows, art galleries and, in general, for all projects requiring accent lighting to showcase the items on display.


Reggiani Design Team

Reggiani culminates its deeplyrooted knowledge, a purposeful design ethos, international industry experience and family heritage to conve...

Reggiani Design Team

News & Technology

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