The innovative Interchangeable Optical System (IOS) provides a comprehensive range of interchangeable optics for Reggiani LED luminaires. As such, the IOS provides designers and their clients with exceptional flexibility when commissioning on site and throughout the life of the lighting installation.

The IOS can be fitted with a series of filters to reduce infrared or ultraviolet radiation and to achieve desired chromatic effects.

New ranges of interchangeable optics: Precision for high candela values and super narrow beams, Performance for high lumen output and efficacy.



System of interchangeable lenses made of temperature-resistant plastic (stabilised up to 140°, self-extinguishing (V0 rating), with LOR of up to 89%. Very narrow, narrow and medium beams with luminous intensity of up to 60,000 cd.


System of interchangeable reflectors made of 99% pure aluminium, with surface treatment; LOR of up to 90%, and anti-reflective safety glass with high light transmission (99%). Narrow, medium and wide beams for luminaire efficacy up to 120 lm/W.