21st, February 2022 – To all our valuable partners and clients and U.S. lighting community.

After many years of activity in the U.S. market as a separate company from the Italian headquarters, we arrived at the decision to shut down the U.S. site and cease operations. We experienced numerous successes through the years. Our lighting solutions have been well accepted in the United States thanks to the trust of the lighting community.

However, the local business has been impacted by the global pandemic, the slowing market impacted our financial situation and cash flow making it complicated to deliver the service the clients deserve.

The decision to shut down Reggiani Lighting USA Inc. is therefore a painful but necessary one to allow a new way to restore the service and the access to Reggiani architectural lighting solutions in USA and Canada.

The closing of Reggiani Lighting USA Inc. is not affecting the operations and services of Reggiani Group globally. From the Italian Headquarters and its offices in France, UK, Russia and China and the network of trusted partners, Reggiani delivers lighting solutions to more than 70 countries.

We are not going to accept new orders as Reggiani Lighting USA Inc. A skeleton staff will follow up the closing procedures of Reggiani Lighting USA Inc., giving support for existing open orders and projects. For inquiries and follow up on your open orders, please contact: [email protected]

For upcoming projects and specifications and for global retail clients, Reggiani lighting products will remain available for the U.S. market through its Headquarters based in Italy, Reggiani SpA Illuminazione, and new distribution channels that will be released in due course. A new strategy and development plan will follow the closing procedures that will restructure the way we will serve the U.S. market. For any inquiry to Reggiani HQ, please contact: [email protected]

We sincerely apologize for the missing or delayed communication, this has been the consequence of the complicated procedure and situation that Reggiani Lighting USA Inc. is carrying out. We are truly grateful to all our partners, clients, agents and designers we worked with through the years. We value our relationship, and we are working hard to support it as much as possible during this closing procedure.

Thanks for your continued support.


Matteo Reggiani
Corporate Strategic Director


Download the press release here.