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Cosentino Showroom

  • Year of completion : 2023
  • Place: Boston, Seattle, Vancouver, Washington D.C.

Cosentino Group is a Spanish and family-owned global company that produces and distributes high-value innovative surfaces for the world of architecture and design.

Cosentino Group is present around the world, through showrooms and exhibition spaces. The Cosentino City format, replicated in different cities, while maintaining its own local identity, is a space for design and architecture professionals, and aims to inspire, bring together and create.

The lighting inside the showroom is therefore an indispensable element to create a welcoming, inspiring environment but above all to give the right light to the products on display. Each showroom does not simply act as a showcase, but recreates atmospheres and places present at home and outside.

We followed the lighting project of the showrooms in different USA locations: Boston, Seattle, Vancouver, Washington D.C.

For the USA Locations, Cosentino Showroom benefits both from low voltage and high voltage solutions.


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