Storefront for Art and Architecture’s gallery space represents an experimental forum and exhibition site for architecture, art, and design. Storefront’s exhibitions, events, competitions, publications, and projects provide alternative platforms for dialogue and collaboration across disciplinary, geographic, and ideological boundaries.

Storefront is regarded as an architectural landmark in New York City in the collective imaginary of art and architecture institutions. The gallery space, with its triangular ground-level building, sits at the intersection of three culturally distinct New York City neighborhoods, at the corner of Kenmare Street and Lafayette in the Chinatown/Little Italy/SoHo area.

The exterior façade is the result of a joint building project between artist Vito Acconci and architect Steven Holl. The project replaced the existing building exterior with a series of movable panels that pivot vertically or horizontally to open the entire length of the gallery directly on to the street. Thus, the limits between interior and exterior are blurred and change depending on panel configuration, and the visitor is empowered to create their own personal experience in the gallery.

Reggiani supplied the LED projector Yori Track for ongoing programs in Storefront’s gallery space. Featured in this article are the exhibitions “Blueprint,” a collection of blueprints and anecdotes for self-reflection, “Measure,” a selection of drawings from thirty-two international architects on the topic of measurement and visualization, and “Memory Trace,” a photography installation examining the politics of dispossession and displacement around territorial borders.

Made of two simple bodies combined by a joint, the product design of Yori is elegant and minimal. The Yori design is ideal to illuminate the site, providing accent light to the artworks while being discrete and perfectly integrated with the space of the gallery.