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To search for luminaires select PRODUCTS and insert the reference, parts of the reference (e.g. D.30785.HQ26 or 30785.HQ) or the product name (e.g. yori, bisio); to search for tracks, mounting rails, accessories and optics select ACCESSORIES and insert the reference or parts of the reference (e.g. 0.35081.0000 or 35081).

L'Occitane en Provence Experiential Boutique

The L’Occitane en Provence Experiential Boutique is a flagship store that introduces an innovative design concept and shopping experience for the beauty product brand. The design incorporates contemporary interpretations of Provençal...

L’Occitane en Provence Experiential Boutique

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Theatre Royal

A total transformation of the Theatre Royal in Glasgow has taken place with the help of our Mosaico range of luminaires. As well as ensuring that the energy-saving lighting solution complemented the new scheme, the brief was also to ensure that the...


The term ‘general lighting’ or ‘ambient lighting’ refers to the background levels of light in a particular space. In the majority of workspaces the minimum level of general lighting is determined in line with best practice...

Configurator Mosaico Easyios

Choose type of installation, finishes and forms. Customize each side with the best light source, power supply and control for your need. Download the datasheet or get the quotation.

Theatre Royal

Public Buildings

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Lord & Taylor

Lord & Taylor’s project in Ridge Hill, New York is testimony to the strength and competence of Italian business to support complex markets like the US with top quality structures, services and products. Reggiani USA, headquartered in New...


Mosaico is the recessedsolution that can hostfrom one to four lightsources, and each one isindependently adjustable,in an optical compartmentextractable to two positions.The modularity is furtherenhanced by the housingwith variable confi guration,in...

Lighting retail

Trends in retail design are exerting a significant influence on the relationship between lighting designers and their clients. In particular, retail lighting systems now need to address two key areas. Clearly, the lighting must enhance the...

Lord & Taylor

Lighting Retail

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Private residence

This private villa is a contemporary residential project; located near the centre of Pieve di Cento, the house features simple, clean shapes, characterised by alternating volumes which make the function of the various settings only partially legible...

Trybeca Round

The outcome of an advanced study of forms, materials and lighting solutions, TRYBECA is a family of recessed mounting fixtures with an elegant and minimal design, which offers outstanding performance featuring unique technical detailing. The range...


In addition to its role in facilitating visibility, lighting in hospitality applications also makes a vital contribution to the visitor experience, in many different ways. In a hotel lobby for example it is the harmonious interaction between...

Lighting in hospitality

Private residence

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